Ex Cruise and Maritime Voyages' Columbus, Most Recently Owned By Seajets, is Heading to Duqm, Oman.


Published: March 10, 2021 - 12:01 AM

Reportedly Sold to scrappers, the Columbus - ex Ocean Pearl - 
						is sailing to Duqm Oman
Columbus in Cruise and Maritime Livery Sailing to Oman.

Columbus Heading To Duqm

Cruise and Maritime Voyages Columbus, most recently owned and sold by Seajets, is reportedly going to scrappers. In an interesting turn of events, the ship's AIS destination was modified to Duqm. Oman. Duqm has been a popular port of late, for ships with uncertain futures. The Marco Polo called here in an attempt to find employment as an accommodation ship and the Empress (ex Empress of the Seas) is docked there at this time. The Empress is reportedly sold to Cordelia Cruises of India and is docked in Duqm awaiting next orders.

We can only hope that the Columbus has found a new owner or employment and is not making a stop to offload furnishing, machinery or goods before heading on the breakers.

The Columbus previously sailed as the Columbus (2017-2020), Pacific Pearl (2010-2017) for P&O Australia, Ocean Village (2003-2010) (Ocean Village Cruises), Arcadia (1997-2003) P&O Cruises, Star Princess (1989-1997) Princess Cruises and finally the Fair Majesty (1988) of Sitmar Cruises.



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