Cruise Ships Magellan and Costa Victoria Delivered to Scrappers


Published: January 29, 2021 - 12:01 AM

Cruise and Maritime / Seajets Magellan

Magellan during happier times.

Sad day - on January 28,2021 tow ships were beached for scrapping one in India and the other in Turkey.

The Mages (ex Magellan), most recently owned by ferry operator Seajets, arrived on in Alang, India on 1/21/21. The ship remained anchored until the high tide was right to drive the ship, under her own power, onto the beach. In addition to the Magellan's brief ownership by Seajets she sailed under the Cruise and Maritime Voyages ownership as well as Carnival Cruises under the name Holiday, Built in 1985. The 46,000 ton ship, ironically had her AIS final destination updated to say “GOODBYE FOREVER”.

Costa Cruises Costa Victoria

Sleek and Modern Costa Victoria during happier times.

On the shores of Aliaga Turkey, the Costa Victoria, (under the name St Victoria), was pushed and pulled on to the beach by the ocean going tug (Vos Chablis) and land based winches. The beaching of the St. Victoria, ends the life or this sleek and modern cruise liner.

Both ships were intended to be used as accommodation ships. The Magellan was supposed to tbe an accommodation ship in the mid-east and the Costa Victoria was supposed to be an accommodation ship for shipyard workers. When both plans fell short, both ships were sold for scrap.

Ironically the Magellan is accompanied on the beaches of Alang with 2 other of her Carnival sisters. Within the last month the Tropicale (Ocean Dream), Celebration (Grand Celebration) and Holiday (Magellan). Other ships on the beach in India include the Marco Polo and the Karnika (also an ex. Princess Cruise ship - The Crown Princess).

On the beaches of Turkey is the Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Imagination, Monarch (ex Monarch of the Seas), Soveriegn (ex Soverign of the Seas), Astor of Cruise and Maritime Voyages and now the Costa Victoria.

All these fine ships gone well before their time.



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