Seajets Sells Columbus For Scrap


Published: February 26, 2021 - 12:01 AM

Columbus Cruise and Maritime Voyages
Cruise and Maritime Voyages Columbus sold to Seajets who has flipped the ship and sold her for scrap in India

Reports out of Piraeus Greece state that the Columbus, most recently owned by Seajets, has been sold for scrap. The Columbus was purchased by Seajets for $5,321,000 in October 2020 when the CMV fleet was sold at auction. Thought to be saved, the Columbus sailed from England to Piraeus but was quickly laid up in a semi-warm stated in Elefsis Greece alongside other laid up ships. The Columbus departed Greece on February 22, 2021 and just started to transit the Suez Canal on February 25, 2021 at 10:30 PM EST When purchased by Seajets, it was expected that the Columbus had been saved from the Scrappers of Turkey and India, but it now appears the Columbus is going the same route as the Magellan. It appears that Seajets is rationalizing their purchases and is only keeping the newer ships with balconies and amenities that will survive post COVID.

Built in 1988, the 63,500 ton, Columbus was originally ordered by Sitmar Cruises as the Fair Majesty. While still under construction, the company was sold to Princess Cruises, who took over its operation, and the ship then became the Star Princess. After nearly a decade sailing for Princess, the vessel was transferred to P&O Cruises UK as the Arcadia in 1997. She then spent time with both Ocean Village and P&O Australia before joining CMV in 2017

Based on recent actions,this also may place the Majesty of the Seas (now Majesty) at risk. She too purchased by Seajets and is docked in Piraeus harbor proper. She is the last remaining ships of Royal Caribbean's Sovereign Class ships, with the Monarch (of the Seas) and Sovereign (of the Seas) sold for scrap in Turkey.


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