Portuguese Owned Cruise Ship Astoria's Auction Fails To Attract a Buyer.


Published: March 11, 2021 - 12:01 AM

Portuguese ship Astoria attracted No bidders with a $10M Euro Starting auction price
UPDATE: Astoria's March 1, 2021 Auction Attracted No Bidders With A Starting Price of $10M Euros.

The auction of the Astoria proved to yield no successful bidders. At a starting price of $10M Euros, the price was higher than expected for a second hand vessel of that age. The price also was not appealing to scrappers even for a ship with a heavy ice-strengthened bow.

The Astoria is the one of the final ships of the Portuscale fleet. She was re-purchased by the bank who was holding her mortgage when Portuscale's assets were liquidated. The Astoria was chartered to a number of operators until she was chartered by Cruise and Maritime Voyages on a long term basis.

The Astoria began her career as the Stockholm for Swedish America Line. Famous for her collision and sinking of the Italian Liner Andrea Doria in 1956,

The Astoria is currently docked in Rotterdam, Netherlands and expected to remain there until her fate is determined.

Prior names for the Astoria include the Stockholm, Volkerfreundschaft, Volker, Fridtjof Nansen, Italia 1, Italia Prima, Valtur Prima, Caribe, Athena, Azores, Astoria



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