Satoshi is heading to Malta and Most Likely Breakers Thereafter.


Published: March 9, 2021 - 12:01 AM

Reportedly Sold to scrappers, the Satoshi is Heading to Malta
Originally Built As Princess Cruises Regal Princess of 1990 - The Satoshi's Future Is In Jeopardy.

Satoshi Enroute to Malta

Reportedly sold to breakers in December 2020, after Ocean Builders could not find an insurance company to insure their off shore community, the Satoshi has sat off the coast of Colon, Panama.

The ship was expected to depart Panama around December 23, 2020 and sail to Alang, India but this did not happen.

Idling off shore for months, I was hopeful that she may have been flipped to a new buyer. The Satoshi docked in Colon, Panama briefly and the then departed the Panamanian City on February 28, 2021 reportedly heading to Malta. The ships' registry is currently listed as Panama.

Malta has traditionally been a temporary port while ships are prepared for their final leg of their voyage to scrappers. Expected to arrive in Malta on March 23, 2021, we can only hope that she may find a buyer before heading to the scrappers.

The Satishi was originally built as the Regal Princess (1991–2007) then sailing as the Pacific Dawn (2007–2020) for P&O Australia. She was supposed to become the Amy Johnson for Cruise and Maritime Voyages but this never happened when CMV went into administration in July 2020. After this deal feel through, the Pacific Dawn was sold to Ocean Builder who renamed the ship - Satoshi to be used as an offshore community off of Panama(from October, 2020 onwards).



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