American Cruise Line Announces Fall 2021 Hudson River Cruise Program.


Published: September 30, 2020 - 12:01 AM

American Cruise Line announces 2021 fall foliage cruises from New York - Pictured American Constitution

American Cruise Line Announces The Fall 2021 Cruise Season, - Pictured American Constitution.

American Cruise Line has announced their 2021 Hudson River Cruises on board 3 of their small coastal cruisers. The United States registered cruise line has announced a series of 12 Hudson River sailings visiting historic Hudson River ports such as West Point, NY; Kingston, NY Hyde Park, NY; Troy/Albany, NY; Catskill, NY; Sleepy Hollow, NY, and an overnight stay in Lower Manhattan. Cruises start September 25, 2020 thru late October 2020.

The 3 Small Ships offer an upscale intimate experience for the seasoned travelers. The passengers are presented with an educational cruise experience that is packed with historical ports of call. The ships do not have pools, casinos and the glitz of the larger cruise lines but does offer a refined experience for passengers looking for a unique cruise experience.

The four U.S. registered ships are the

  • American Star - Built in 2007 - 48 Staterooms - 100 Passengers.
  • Independence - Built in 2010 - 51 Staterooms - 100 Passengers.
  • American Constitution - Built 2018 - 90 Staterooms - 170 Passengers.

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