Published: March 16, 2021 - 12:01 AM

American Cruise Line Independence
American Cruise Lines Independence Resumes Sailing For Small Ship Cruise Operator.

American Cruise Lines’ coastal cruiser Independence departed Amelia Island, Florida, for a seven-day trip to Charleston, South Carolina, USA Today reported. The cruise line is able to resume operations because it small ships are under the 200 passenger limit established by the CDC. American Cruise Line has placed many precautionary measure in place as well as requiring pasengers to be vaccinated. One additional measure is limiting the Independence's capacity at 75% allowing more room for social distancing. The small United States registered Independence, which usually holds 100 passengers, has had its capacity capped at 75.

Passengers and crew members must also test negative for the coronavirus within four days of arriving on the ship. The see all the American Cruise Line COVID Precautions - Check Here.


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