50 Things To Do On Days At Sea

Rock Wall Cllimbing On Board Royal Caribbean Ship
Pool Area on a Celebrity Cruises ship


50 Things To Do At Sea 

One of the common reasons people are concerned with taking a cruise is feeling confined and the thought that there is a lack of things to do. I am writing this article to put those concerns at ease. Below is just a small list of the activities that cruisers can enjoy. These are not in any particular order.

Eat - Yes it is true! Cruise ships offer an array of different dining opportunities for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Try something new that you have not eaten before.

Shuffleboard - Enjoy this ageless deck game which is a favorite of cruisers from today and yesteryear.

Visit the library - Libraries can be found on most ships varying on size from very small to the largest at sea on board the QM2. Here you can find books on almost any subject you want to learn more about.

Dance Lessons - Many ships offer dance lessons - what better way to work off some of those extra calories AND exercise.

Swim in the Pool - Many ships offer both indoor and outdoor pools which allow bathers to enjoy the pool in any weather. What better way to cool down and relax.

Gym - Ships today offer extensive exercise facilities with state of the art exercise equipment. The Gym is usually open most of the day for cruises to stop in as they wish for a quick workout.

Spa Treatments - Cruise lines have extensively increased the number of Spa Offering to increase onboard revenue. The Spa offer message, aroma therapy and more. Some cruise lines offer Botox, milk baths and therma-stone treatments just to name a few.

Mini-Golf - Mini golf is not found on all ships - the larger ones, usually offer 8-16 holes of Mini-golf brining out the sportsman in you.

Golf simulators - Many of the cruise lines have a golf simulator or driving cage where novices and experts alike can help refine their swing.

Rock Climbing Wall - Rock Climbing walls can be found on some larger ships, passengers can put on a harness and scale the prefabricated rock wall adhered to the back side of the ship's funnel to test your climbing ability.

Bingo - Daily there is a bingo tournament and also the last day of the cruise is the super jackpot bingo which usually has $1000+ grand prize.

Read a book - What a great opportunity to read that book that you just never got around to? Whether the book comes from the ship's library or one you brought from home this is the perfect time to catch up.

Relax - Do nothing. Just stare out at the ocean. It is not everyday that you have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the seas.



Cooking Classes- Some ships offer cooking classes where the basics of cooking are reviewed.

Internet Cafe - For a fee, you can surf the internet at sea. Check you email, tell those at home the great time you are having or do research on the next port of call.

Visit the Coffee Bar - May ships offer a specialty coffee and dessert bar. What a great way to lift up your afternoon.

Whirlpool/Jacuzzi - Take a relaxing dip in the Jacuzzi and ease your pain and stress away with the rushing warm water.

Afternoon tea and snacks - partake in the English tradition of having afternoon tea and finger sandwiches. Do something you have never done before!!

Basketball -  Many of the larger ships have full court basketball  where teens and teens at heart can play a game of b-ball.

Tennis - On the larger ships the basketball court can also double as a tennis court allowing time for a quick round.

Ping-Pong - A cruising favorite for decades - there is nothing like enjoying the sea air and playing a round of ping-pong.

Shopping - Ships usually have an extensive area of shops and boutiques. Cruises can purchase Jewelry, liquor, novelties and more tax free.

Wine tasting - at a fee. Cruisers are invited to join wine tasting at sea. Taste some specialty wines from around the world.

Sunbathe - Enjoy an afternoon on deck taking in the warmth of the sun. Be sure to bring plenty of sun screen to avoid getting burned.

Nap on your Veranda - If you booked a balcony cabin, there is nothing more relaxing than taking a nap on your private veranda. Enjoy the peace, serenity and sea air.

Reconnect with your significant other - spend time together and communicate with your significant other. Spend the time with the people who mean the most to you, but normal hecticness of daily life does not permit.

Take in a move - Whether a movie is being played in the theatre or in the privacy of your stateroom,  relax and sit back.

A trip to the Beauty Salon - You can look your best for dinner by having your hair done. For a style, hair color or have your nails done, the salon is perfect place to pamper yourself. (Beauty Salon and Spa services are available at an additional cost.)

Plan your shore excursions - Plan your day in the next port of call. Whether taking a ship organized tour or adventuring on your own, decide what there is to do and what you want to do.

Go to the Game Room - Many ships have game rooms which are stocked with popular card and board games. Spend some family time, or make new friends.

Plunge down the water slide - Many of the larger ships offer a water slide which provide a fun, fast way to cool down from the warm tropical sun.

Listen to music - Whether it is live music on deck, recorded music or music from your personal ipod collection, relax and listen to the beat.

Spend time with friends and family - Take time to reconnect with the people in your family.  Spend time with the kids; playing a game, going down the waterslides or just talking together.

Jog or power walk around the upper deck - Many ships feature a jogging track which allows you to exercise, take in the fresh sea and take in the visual pleasure of the ocean.

Walk around the promenade deck - many ship feature a wrap around promenade deck which allow you expansive views of the sea, the ship's wake and in some instances impressive views of the bow.

Ship Sponsored daily activities - Check out the ship's daily program for lecture programs, structured activities, organized events and more

Take a nap - Catch up on all that missing sleep from the weeks at work or early mornings making sure the kids are out in time for school.

Partake in the art auction - Whether you are just browsing or interested in purchasing, it is always fun to critique the art on display and if interested submit a bid.

Look for friends and family Photos at the Photo gallery - look for great candid and posed photographs taken during your cruise..

Enjoy a drink - whether enjoying a beer, champagne, wine or cocktail there are many venues as well as deck staff willing to bring you your beverage of choice.

Sign up for an aerobic, cycling or other exercise class - At an additional cost, there are structured, leader led classes to keep you in shape. Use of the gym, sauna and gym equipment is free.

Visit the Game room or arcade - Many ships offer a game room with many top video game. Please note that the arcade can be expensive therefore spending limits should be imposed for kids.



Talk to your room Steward about those great towel animals -  Talk to your cabin steward and nine out of ten times he/she will provide you a private lesson and you will be able to make your own animal when you get home.

Try you luck at the Casino - Whether you play the slots, the gaming tables or other games of chance, the casino offers something for the gambler in you.

Private Lunch on your Veranda - Whether you order room service or you go to the buffet and bring your meal back to your stateroom, eating lunch in the private setting is always enjoyable. Don't forget the dessert.

Write out those postcards - send a postcard to those at home and let them know the wonderful time you are having. Make them really jealous.

Play a game of deck chess- Many ships have oversized deck chess boards which allow to move these large than life pieces around the game board.

Examine the deck plans and explore the ship - Many ships offer unique features which may not be evident unless you look at the deck plans. For instance some ships have viewing stations which allow you to see the bridge of the ship, navigational equipment and officers on the bridge. This is just one of the many items you many find.

Try the Ice Cream and Dessert - At the buffet area you will find various deserts and usually ice cream. Sample many of the deserts and go for the double scoop on the ice cream.

Take part in nighttime activities:

 .    Take in the nightly show.

.    Dance in the disco.

.    Partake in nighttime structured activities.

.    Enjoy the live music.

.    Have a drink in the piano bar.

.    Try your luck in the casino.

.    Shop in the tax free shops.

.    Enjoy a drink.

.    After hours dip in the whirlpool on deck.

.    Take a stroll on deck under the stars.

.    Some ships also feature large poolside screens where movies can be viewed

More to explore.

These are just some of the activities you can participate in. There are many more not mentioned. Today's cruise ships offer something for those who desire an active lifestyle and those who are just looking to escape and relax. There is a wealth of information available online, so check out ship reviews and deck plans to understand the features and activities available on the ship you are choosing..

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