Bermuda Port of Call
Colorful street scene in Bermuda
Bermuda attraction crystal caves

The beautiful island of Bermuda is located 600 miles east of North Carolina near the center of the Atlantic Ocean. World renown for its pink sand beaches and pastel color houses, Bermuda is an island paradise.

Bermuda is an excellent playground for golfing, fishing, swimming, scuba diving and shopping. Bermuda has many ties back to England therefore the shopping includes fine English China, imported wool sweaters, perfume and much much more. Hamilton is the main shopping area, but the other ports in Bermuda also have shopping available. No matter which port your ship docks in, Hamilton is a relatively short Taxi or Ferry ride away. The island features many forts that are open to the public for exploration as well as many great photo opportunities. The people are extremely friendly and openly welcome visitors.

Bermuda Cities:

Hamilton - the island's capital and main shopping center and transportation hub. Great place to walks around and explore.

St George - nice quaint town where you can shop and play.. If you would like to swim, you can visit Tobacco Bay or Catherine's Bay. My recommendation Catherine's Bay - A great beach, great snorkeling and clean. Catherine's Bay is a longer walk or taxi ride from the center of St. Georges - but worth it..

Kings Wharf - is the main cruise port (since Hamilton can only accommodate mid-sized ships). Shopping is available and the island has made an effort to develop attractions at this location. Kings Wharf is also known as the Royal Dockyard.

I definitely recommend exploring the entire island.

Horseshoe Bay is another beach excellent for swimming and jumping waves.

Bermuda has an excellent and affordable mass transit system. In Hamilton, the main bus station is a short walk from the Hamilton/Front Street pier and offers bus routes that cover the entire island. The public transportation is excellent alternative to renting a motor bike.

Crystal Caves is an excellent way to spend a morning or afternoon. Decend some 50 feet underground to explore the caves, see the stalactities and blue water pools.

FYI - In Bermuda, they drive on the opposite side of the road so you need to be comfortable driving on the left side of the road if you decide to rent a motor bike.

It should be noted that Bermuda can be pricey since most items are imported. The cruise season to Bermuda is April though early November with June, July and August being the peak months.