St. Kitts, BVI

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St. Kitts - BVI

Photo 1- Relax at Beautiful Turtle Bay Beach, 2 - Take in the beautiful landscape via the scenic rail, 3 - Explore St. Kitts History with a trip to Brimstone. Photos Copy-write St. Kitts Tourism Authority One of my most favorite islands, St. Kitts located in the Northern Caribbean. The island is very mountainous and very picturesque. Known for it's lush landscape and rain forest it is a nature lover's paradise. The island is ideal for swimming or just exploring. For sight seeing, there are plantation houses and old forts to explore or if you like, the beach is a perfect choice. The waters surrounding St. Kitts are ideal for swimming, diving and snorkeling. If golf is your thing, there is an 18 hole golf course that boarders the Atlantic on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. Measuring approximately 68 square miles, this uncrowned paradise is a welcoming change from some of the other ports in the Caribbean.