Colorful Buildings Lining the River in Curacao
Architecture Church in Curacao
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Experience the Dutch Influence of Downtown Willemstad - Photo Copyright: Curacao Tourism Corp

This tropical paradise is located just 44 miles north of South America. Actually on a clear day you can see the continent from the south shore of Curacao. Measuring 38 miles long and 3-5 miles wide, Curacao is independent under the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The official language of the island is Dutch - but English, Spanish and Papiamentu (a native Creole language) are spoke. The currency is the Netherlands Antillean Guilder. The average temperature in Curacao is 82 degrees, and rain fall is only about 22 inches per year.

On the approach to the harbor, the cruise ships sail up the Sint Annabaai River, past the pontoon bridge and colorful houses lining the river and dock right in the capital city of Willemstad. The houses are all meticulously maintained and are painted bright and cheerful colors, creating an excellent photo opportunities against the Caribbean blue sky and water.



Curacao offers a number of activities to keep you busy. Including Christoffel National Park which is a 4,500 acre wildlife preserve and home to Mt. Christoffel - the highest point on the island. Here you can explore the preserve which used to be three plantations. You can tour the plantation by car, horseback, hiking or by bike.

Another National Park is the Shete Boka - meaning seven mouths. This park hugs along the rugged coastline and offers dramatic view of the sea and cliffs. Also visit the natural bridge and caverns carved out by the sea. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes!

A visit to the herbal Botanical Garden - Den Paradera will shed light on Caribbean folk medicines and herbal remedies.

Explore the fascinating geological formations and coral reefs that have developed over the centuries at the Hato Caves. See the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, wall paintings and underground lakes with waterfall.

If history is your thing, you can visit the Curacao Museum in Otrabanda. Here you can rediscover Curacao's past.

The Maritime Museum offers a look back at the island's maritime history. Some of the artifacts on display include ship models and maps dating back to the 1500s.

The Kas Di Pal'i Maishi is a traditional adobe house where guests can get a flavor for how the locals lived in years gone by.

Bring home Liqueur from Curacao Liqueur Distillery - see how it is made first hand and bring home a sample for friends.

Visit the Ostrich and Game Farm. Here you can take a jeep ride through the wilderness and experience first hand how an ostrich develops from and egg to a full adult. The area is packed with over 800 ostriches.

What more wildlife? Go to the Curacao Sea Aquarium, where you can see, first hand many species of sea creatures, up close and personal including sharks, rays and eels to name a few.

At the Dolphin Academy you can choose how you would like to interact with the dolphins, whether it is swimming, snorkeling or just observing.

In addition to the attractions, Curacao offers shopping for those looking to bring home souvenirs or seek that deal on perfume or jewelry.

For those seeking a day at the beach Curacao has some of the most beautiful beaches found in the Caribbean. At most beaches you will have the opportunity to swim, snorkel or even dive. Many of the beaches feature white sands and crystal clear water.