5 Best Beaches

5 Top Beautiful Beaches
5 Top Beautiful Beaches
5 Top Beautiful Beaches

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda - This highly photographed beach is lined with Chalky limestone cliffs. The beach, that is about a half mile long, arcs into the shape of a horseshoe - thus the name of the beach. The water within the cove is an eye pleasing light blue. The seascape combined with the peach color sand make this a unique location. At the beach you can rent chairs, umbrellas, snorkeling gear and surfboards. Lifeguards are present for you safety. All of the beaches within Bermuda are free access to the public so find your own favorite beach when you see it.

Tortola, British Virgin Island's Cane Garden Bay provides the perfect atmosphere for swimming, windsurfing or waterskiing. There also is a number of beachfront bars where you can get a cool drink on a nice warm day.

Grand Cayman - Seven Mile Beach is very popular and provides a beautiful backdrop with the cruise ships anchored in the harbor. The beach is excellent for a stroll, swimming or just sunbathing. The Cayman are known for their snorkeling and water sports. Just North of Seven Mile Beach is West Bay that provides both the beach and access to sea life. Right off shore is the Victoria House Reef that provides a home to a plentitude of marine life in these coral gardens. Additional beaches that are noteworthy of mention are Parrot's Landing and Eden Rock that are accessible via a short cab ride from the ship.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach). Beautiful rock formations are found scattered around the golden beach. Watch as the waves crash against these large rocks, splashing water into the air. At the end of the cape is the large Rock formation called El Arco. Swimmers are encouraged to swim from the safer and calmer Bay side of this beach since the currents and tides are known to be strong.

St. Thomas' Megan's Bay. Beautiful Megan's Bay is impressive to all. With it's bleached white beaches and deep blue ocean, it is quite the site. Whether you want to swim, sunbathe or do some snorkeling, the picturesque location is amazing. It should be noted that Megan's Bay is a public park, therefore there is a small admittance fee. In addition there are restrooms and snack bars. There are no equipment rentals available but the beach, ocean and scenery are attraction enough.

Although this is a top 5 list, I need to add one of my favorites - The Baths at Virgin Gorda. This picturesque beach has granite boulders the size of houses which form crevices and openings which you can swim, walk or explore between. These rock formations provide shade from the sum as well as an unusual experience and great photo opportunity.

Again these are just people's opinion and everyone's tastes are different. Everyone should find the beach that is right for them. This is just a guide.