Marella Dream to be Withdrawn from Service- Marella Cruises Cancels Marella Discovery's US 2021 Summer Cruise Program.


Published: October 5, 2020 - 12:01 AM

Marella Cruises Marella Dream Removed from Service - Pictured Marella Dream in Marella Livery

Marella Cruises Marella Dream has been removed from the Marella Cruises fleet - Pictured Marella Discovery.

As reported on Friday Marella Cruises has announced the retirement of the Marella Dream. The ship, which has a rich history and sailed for various cruise lines under different identities,has been withdrawn from the Marella fleet immediately.

As part of the removal of the Marella Dream from the 2021 cruise program, Marella Cruises has decided to cancel their 2021 summer cruise program from Fort Lauderdale Florida. The alternating 8-day cruises included visiting ports along the coastal US and overnight stays in New York City on the Marella Discovery. As a result of the removal of the Marella Dream and wanting to stay close to their client base (mostly UK cruise passengers), it was announced that the Marella Discovery will assume all of the itineraries previously planned for the Marella Dream.

Those booked on Marella Dream for summer 2021 will have their booking automatically moved to Marella Discovery, the company sail, which will now sail from Palma instead of Port Canaveral, Florida, covering the Marella Dream’s Mediterranean itineraries.

This will result in one less cruise-ship calling in the Port of New York in 2021. :-(

The Marella Discovery previously sailed as the Splendour of the Seas for Royal Caribbean and the TUI Discovery for TUI Cruises.

It has not been revealed whether there is a potential buyer for the Marella Dream or if the ship will be sold to ship scrappers due to her age of 34 and lack of balcony staterooms.

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