Popular Cruise Destination Bermuda Sees a Spike in COVID Cases


Published: September 24, 2021 - 12:01 AM

Beautiful Beaches of Bermuda
The Beautify Beaches Of the Island of Bermuda.

Due to a spike in the number of Covid cases on the small island of Bermuda, the remainder of the 2021 Bermuda Cruise season may be in jeopardy. Bermuda is reporting a high number of hospitalizations of people with Covid. These figures are larger than any statistics reported for Covid so far by the Bermudian Governement. In order to help stop the spread of Covid further, the Bermuda government is requesting that all civilians wear a mask, social distance, and has shut down public transportation within the island. It is unclear at this point, what additional levers the island nation will exercise in order to help restrict the spread of the disease. The next couple weeks could potentially result in itinerary modifications for ships which were planning to call at the island nation. Bermuda is a popular destination on cruises departing from New York and New Jersey.

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