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Carnival Cruise Lines' Carnival Sunshine Overview


Photo: Carnival Cruises' Carnival Sunshine -copyright Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises Carnival Sunshine Profile



Public Rooms

Main Atrium Carnival Sunshine Carnival Cruises

Carnival Sunshine - Atrium


Coffee Bar and Fun Hub Carnival Sunshine Carnival Cruises

Coffee Bar and Fun Hub - Carnival Sunshine


Dining Room Carnival Sunshine Carnival Cruises

Dining Room - Carnival Sunshine


Serenity Retreat Carnival Sunshine Carnival Cruises

Serenity Adults Only - Carnival Sunshine


Aqua Park Carnival Sunshine Carnival Cruises

Waterpark - Carnival Sunshine

Havana Bar Carnival Sunshine Carnival Cruises

Havana Bar - Carnival Sunshine 

Carnival Sunshine Basic Stats
   Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Lines
   Ship Name: Carnival Sunshine
   Prior Name: Carnival Destiny
   Ship Class/Group: Modified Destiny Class
   Length:892 Feet
   Width: 116 Feet
   Draft: 27 Feet
   Speed:22.5 Knots
   Year Built: 10/1996 as Carnival Destiny.
   Refurbished: 4/2013
   Year Entered Fleet: 1996
   Country of Registry: Bahamas
   Tonnage (GRT): 102,853
   Pax (basis 2):  2,642
   Max Pax (w/Uppers): 3,002
   Passenger Decks: 13
   Number of Crew: 1,040
   Officers' Nationality: Italian
   Cruise/Hotel Staff Nationality: International

   Total Staterooms: 1,503
   Exterior Stateroom: 906
   Interior Staterooms: 597

   Card Room
   Game Arcade

Spa / Wellness / Fitness
   Fitness Center
   Full Service Spa
   Sauna/Steam Room
   Beauty Salon
   Outdoor Pool
   Sports Court
   Fitness Track
   Mineature Golf
   Waterworks Aqua Park
Public Rooms
   Internet Center

Children / Teens
   Organized Age-Specific Activities
   Outdoor Children's Play Area
   Dedicated Teen Center
   Teen Programs
   Children's Pool
   Youth Staff
   Babysitting Available

Other Facilities / Services
   Duty-Free Shops/Boutiques
   Self-Service Laundromat
   Concierge Desk
   Infirmary/Medical Center
   Safe Deposit Boxes


Sample Staterooms

 Interior Stateroom - Carnival Sunshine - Carnival Cruises       Outside Stateroom - Carnival Sunshine - Carnival Cruises   

 Photo 1 - Inside Stateroom - Carnival Sunshine    2- Outside Picture Window Stateroom - Carnival Sunshine


 Balcony Stateroom - Carnival Sunshine - Carnival Cruises       Balcony Suite - Carnival Sunshine - Carnival Cruises

 3 - Balcony Stateroom - Carnival Sunshine            4- Grand Balcony Suite - Carnival Sunshine


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